Recipes with bay leaves

Cooking Recipes Catalogue

Adobo Chicken with Ginger
Ancho Tortilla Soup
Authentic Louisiana Red Beans and Rice
Awesome Chicken Noodle Soup
Baked Spaghetti with Chicken
Basic Ham and Bean Soup
Basic Vegetable Stock
Beaker's Vegetable Barley Soup
Bean Soup
Beef Burgundy II
Beef Curry Soup
Beef Pot Roast
Beef Stew II
Belgium Beef Stew
Best Beef Dip Ever
Big Bear Stew
Big Charlie's Gumbo
Black Bean Casserole
Black Beans
Black-Eyed Peas and Gumbo
Bold Vegan Chili
Booyah Chicken
Braised Chicken Breasts in Tasty Mirepoix Ragout
Braised Lamb with a Sour Orange Marinade
Cabbage Borsht
Cabbage Patch Soup
Cabbage Rolls
Cajun Pineapple Salad
Cajun Style Meatloaf
Cajun Style Red Bean and Rice Soup
Calamari Macaronatha
Chicken and Rice Casserole II
Chicken and Shrimp Jambalaya
Chicken and Sliders
Chicken As You Like It
Chicken Biryani, Hyderabadi Style
Chicken Korma II
Chicken Livers Peri Peri
Chicken Meatball Soup
Chicken Stock Gumbo
Chicken Tortilla Soup II
Chicken with Grape Tomatoes and Fried Basil
Chickpea and Eggplant Stew
Chiles en Nogada (Stuffed Poblano Chile Peppers)
Chilled Salmon Steaks with Lemon Dill Dressing
Chocolate Mayan Jungle Bird
Chorizo with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Cider
Citrus Turkey Brine
Clams Kokkinisto
Classic Clam Chowder
Collard Green Risotto and Pot Liquor
Corn and Crab Bisque
Corned Beef and Cabbage
Cream of Artichoke Soup I
Cream Of Green Chile Soup
Cream of Potato Soup II
Creole Cornbread Stuffing
Cuban Beef Stew
Cuban Black Beans I
Curry Beef Soup
Dad's Bolognese Meat Sauce
Divine Spaghetti Sauce
Doug's Killer Sauce
Drunk Chicken
Dutch East Chicken Wings and Rice
Easy Cajun Jambalaya
Easy Pork Roast
Excellent Shrimp Creole
Family Sicilian Sauce and Meatballs
Four Seasons Chicken Curry
French Onion Soup VIII
Garden Tomato Soup
Garlic and Rosemary Shrimp
Garlic Lovers Beef
Grandma's Homemade Italian Sauce and Meatballs
Greek Squid (Soupies)
Green Velvet Soup
Grilled Chicken Adobo
Grilled Fillets Jambalaya
Grison Beef Stew
Gumbo Pot Pies
Ham and Bean Soup I
Hearty Lentil Soup
Hearty Lentil Soup II
Hearty Tomato Rice Soup
Herbed and Spiced Roasted Beef Tenderloin
Home Made Souse
Honey Mustard Beer Brats
Hungarian Goulash
Indian Tomato Chicken
Jambalaya II
Jim Goode's BBQ Beef Rub
Jim Kaczmarek's Chili
Ken's Minestrone Soup
Kid's Favorite Pea Soup
Lamb Casserole
Laurel's Lasagna
Leftover Roast Chicken Soup
Lentil and Sausage Soup
Lentil Soup
Lentil Soup IV
Leyley's Spicy Chicken Adobo Wings
Lima and Navy Bean and Ham Soup
Lisa's Adobo
Lobster Cocktail With Continental Sauce
Margie's Sour Cream Pork Chops
Marica's Spaghetti Meat Sauce
Marinated Olives
Meaty 'Cuban Black Bean' Soup
Meaty Spaghetti Sauce
Mediterranean Fish Soup
Merwin's Shrimp Gumbo
Mom's Stovetop Pork Ribs
Moose Marinade
Moroccan Chicken and Whole Grain Couscous
Mother's Pot Roast
Moules en Sauce
Mushroom Lentil Barley Stew
Okra Gumbo
Old Fashioned Beef Stew
Pasta Primavera Sauce
Patty's Mom's Black Bean Soup
Penne with Vegan Arrabbiata Sauce
Pennsylvania Dutch Pickled Beets and Eggs
Pickled Eggs III
Pickled Pig's Feet III
Poached Salmon with Cucumber-Dill Sauce
Pork and Chicken Adobo
Pork and Sea Shells with Summer Vegetables
Pork Empanadas
Pork Liver Pudding
Portuguese Beef - Cacoila
Portuguese Pork and Clams
Primo Spaghetti Sauce
Provincial Beef Stew
Prune and Olive Chicken
Quick Cassoulet
Rhinelander Lentil Soup
Rice & Beans (Haitian Style)
Roast Loin of Pork
Roast Turkey with Herbs
Roasted Vegetables
Sauerbraten III
Sauerbraten V
Seafood File Gumbo
Seafood Gumbo Stock
Shelly's Meat Curry
Shredded Roast Spaghetti Sauce
Shrimp and Catfish Gumbo
Shrimp Creole I
Shrimp Creole IV
Shrimp de Jonghe II
Sicilian Ragu
Simple Marinara Sauce
Skyline Chili II
Slovak Sauerkraut Christmas Soup
Slow Cooked Corned Beef for Sandwiches
Slow Cooker Calico Bean Soup
Slow Cooker Spinach Marinara Sauce
Smothered Beef Short Ribs
Solianka or Russian Beef Soup
Sour Cream Roast
Southern Style French Onion Soup
Southern-Style Meat Sauce
Spag Bol
Spaghetti Italian
Spaghetti Sauce II
Spaghetti Sauce with Meat
Spicy Indian Chicken Curry Yummy
Spinach and Leek White Bean Soup
Split Pea Soup Atu
Split Pea Soup with Rosemary
Steak N Gravy
The Aztec Five-Step
The Best Chicken Soup Ever
The Best Vegetarian Chili in the World
The Very Best Spaghetti Sauce
Thermos Bottle Stew
Tomato Bredie
Tomato Rice Stew
Tomato Soup II
Tomato-Rich Fish Stew
Tough Buck Barbecue
Turkey Frame Vegetable Soup
Turkey Meatloaf and Gravy
Ultimate Comfort Food
Ultimate Gulf Coast Gumbo
Vegan Baked Beans
Vegetarian Chili
Veggie Soup with Basil Sauce
Venison Tenderloin
Vibration Spaghetti Sauce
Wakula's First Attempt at Vegetable Stew
White Chili IV
Wild Rice and Beef Casserole
Wild Rice Chowder
Wonderful Short Ribs
Yankee Beans
Yellow Rice with Meat
Yummy Beef