Recipes with chili powder

Cooking Recipes Catalogue

Acapulco Chicken
African Peanut Soup
Albondigas Soup II
All Protein Meatloaf
Amateur's Light Breeze Chicken Chili
Amy's Mexican Soup
Amy's Spicy Beans and Rice
Anne's Homemade Chorizo
Antojitos Minis
Authentic South Indian Biryani
Baby Loin Back Ribs
Baked Beans, Texas Ranger
Baked French Fries I
Baked Tortilla Chips
Barbecued Country Ribs
Barbeque Macaroni Salad
Barbequed Ribs
BBQ Chili Pasta
BBQ Glazed Homemade Meatballs
BBQ Salmon over Mixed Greens
BBQ Sauce
Bean Salad
Beans, Some Like It Hot!
Beef and Bean Chimichangas
Beef and Biscuit
Beef Enchiladas I
Beef Nacho Casserole
Beef Samosas
Beefy Beef Chili
Beer Cheese Spread
Belly Burner Chili
Best BBQ Rub in Texas
Best Bean Chili
Best Carolina BBQ Meat Sauce
Best Ever Chuck Wagon Chili
Best Potatoes Ever!
Best Yet Turkey Chili
Big Al's K.C. Bar-B-Q Sauce
Big John's BBQ Ribs and Dry Spice Rub
Black Bean Cakes
Black Bean Chili
Black Bean Chili Marsala
Black Bean Cigars
Black Bean Dip
Black Bean Lasagna Rolls
Black Bean Vegetable Soup
Black Bean, Barley and Turkey Chili
Blackened Prime Rib
Blue Sky Chili
Bob's Mexican Stuffed Chicken
Bodacious Chili
Boilermaker Tailgate Chili
Bold Vegan Chili
Brocomole Dip
Broiled Short Ribs
Brown Bean Chowder
Brown Rice Salad
Bry's Chocolate Lamb Chili
Bubba's Best BBQ Sauce
Buffalo Chicken Wings III
Bull Riders All Beef Chili
Cabin Dinner
California Bean Dip
Camp Chili
Capsicum Zunka
Caribbean BBQ Sauce II
Carne Adovada
Carne Guisada II
Carolina Style Low Carb Barbecue Sauce
Carrot Soup Indienne I
Carrot Soup Indienne II
Catherine's Spicy Chicken Soup
Chaat - Dahi Batata Puri
Cheese and Veggie Open-Faced Sandwiches
Cheeseburger Pie
Cheesy Beef-and-Rice Casserole
Cheesy Mexi-Rice Casserole
Cheesy Tortilla Spirals
Chicken and Black Bean Chili
Chicken Annie Style
Chicken Biryani
Chicken Chili
Chicken Chili Hash With Peppers & Cilantro
Chicken Chili II
Chicken Chili Soup
Chicken Enchilada Casserole I
Chicken Enchilada Soup II
Chicken Enchilada Soup III
Chicken Enchiladas V
Chicken Fried Steak III
Chicken Fry
Chicken Jalfarezi
Chicken Jalfrezi
Chicken Jambalaya II
Chicken Korma II
Chicken Lollipops
Chicken Makhani (Indian Butter Chicken)
Chicken Noodle Casserole II
Chicken Roche
Chicken Roti From India
Chicken Soup With Black Beans and Corn
Chicken Tortilla Soup II
Chicken Tortilla Soup IV
Chicken Tortilla Soup V
Chile Pork
Chili Beef Casserole
Chili Bread
Chili Brie in Sourdough
Chili Cheese Dip II
Chili Chicken I
Chili Chicken Stew
Chili con Carne I
Chili con Carne II
Chili con Carne III
Chili Con Queso Dip II
Chili Cumin Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Chili I
Chili II
Chili III
Chili IV
Chili Joe's for Kids
Chili Noodle Casserole
Chili Potato Burritos
Chili Rick's
Chili Seasoning Mix II
Chili Soup
Chili Vegetarian Style
Chili with Ground Pork
Chili With Pulled Beef & Pork for a Crowd
Chili with Ziti
Chili-Flavored Turkey Stew With Hominy and Tomatoes
Chili-Lime Chicken Kabobs
Chili-Rubbed Chicken with Chipotle Pineapple Salsa
Chipotle Crusted Pork Tenderloin
Chuck's Come On Ice Cream (or Night of the Red Death) Chili
Cilantro Cucumber Salad
Cincinnati Chili II
Cincinnati Skyline Chili
Cincinnati-Style Chili
Classy Pumpkin Pasta
Cochinita Pibil
Cocoa-Coffee Spiced Chicken with Salsa Mole
Coconut Curry Fish
Colorado Mexican Pizza
Colorful Bulgur Salad
Coney Sauce
Confetti Chicken Salad
Cooking Light magazine's Indian Chicken Curry
Corn and Black Bean Salad
Corn with Bacon and Chili Powder
Cornish Hens the Easy Way
Cornucopia Chili
Cowpoke Beans
Creamy Cajun Crawfish Stew
Crispix Mix Chili Cheese Mix
Crispy Sweet Onion Rings
Crispy Vegetable Pakoras
Crunchy Cheese Sandwiches
Curried Peas
Curried Vegetables
Curry Kabobs
Dad's Spaghetti Western
Daddy's 'If They'da had This at the Alamo we would'ha WON!' Texas Chili
Darn Good Chili
DASH Diet Mexican Bake
DB's Seven Pepper Chili
Dee's Roast Pork for Tacos
Deep Fried Jalapeno Slices
Deep Fried Pork Steak
Delayed Heat BBQ Sauce
Deviled Chicken I
Diann's Chili Vegetable Soup
Dirty Rice
Double Crust Bean Pie
Down and Dirty Garlic Chili
Drew's World Famous Triple Rush Hot Chocolate
Dutch Croquetten
Easy Armadillo Eggs
Easy Chicken Korma
Easy Chili
Easy Chili I
Easy Chili III
Easy Homemade Chili
Easy Liver Pate
Easy Mexican Chicken Bake
Easy Mexican Hot Chocolate
Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Wings
Easy Spicy Roasted Potatoes
Eggplant Rounds
Elk Chili
Emily's Famous Chili
Emily's Famous Popcorn
Enchilada Casserole II
Enchiladas - New Mexico Style
Excellent Shrimp Creole
Ez's Slow Cooker Hot Chili
Fabulous Chicken Roses
Fairuzah's Chili
Fideo (Mexican Spaghetti)
Fiesta Chicken Soup
Fifteen Minute Chicken Chili
Flank Steak a la Willyboy
Flatlander Chili
Frank's Spicy Alabama Onion Beer Chili
Fried Farfalle Chips
Fry Bread Tacos I
Fusion Chili
Game Hens Southwestern-Style
Gobi Masala (Cauliflower Curry)
Golden Chili Chicken
Goulash Supreme
Gourmet Guacamole
Grandma's Chili
Grant's Famous Midnight Grill BBQ Sauce
Grilled Adobo Pork Tenderloin Salad With Plums and Almonds
Grilled Chicken Breast with Cucumber and Pepper Relish
Grilled Chicken Citrus Salad
Grilled Pork Rub
Guadalajara Soup
Habanero Hellfire Chili
Hearty Garden Chicken and Rice
Hearty Hot Dog Soup
Hearty Party Pozole
Heavenly Hot Dog Sauce
Heddy's Black and Red Bean Soup
Homemade Black Bean Veggie Burgers
Honey Mustard Dream Delight Pork Chops
Hopi Corn Stew
Hot and Spicy Pecans
Hot Cheddar-Olive Bread
Hot Chocolate - South American Style
Hot Corn Dip
Hot Tomato Sauce
Indian Dahl with Spinach
Indian Matar Paneer (Cottage Cheese and Peas)
Indian Mustard Fish
Indian Spiced Onions
Instant Tomato Chutney
Instant Vegetable Patties
It's Chili by George!!
Italian Style Chili
Jalapeno Chicken
Jamaican Me Crazy Chili
Jambalaya II
Jambalaya Salad
Jammin' Tarheel Chili
Jeff's Chili Con Queso
Jill's Vegetable Chili
Jim Kaczmarek's Chili
Jim's Pork Chorizo
Jimmy's Mexican Pizza
Joanie's Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce
John's Chili
John's Crabby Caps
Johnny's Grub Rub
Joy's Taco Salad
Justin's Hoosier Daddy Chili
Kelly's Chili
Ken's Texas Chili
Kicked Up Mac and Cheese
Kid-Friendly Taco-Burritos
Kim Chee Squats
King Ranch Chicken Casserole III
Lamb Barley Soup
Laura's Quick Slow Cooker Turkey Chili
Lemon Lentil Rice
Lentil Chili
Lentil Chili II
Louisiana Shrimp Creole II
Macaroni and Cheese with Ground Beef, Salsa and Green Chiles
Madras Tomato Chutney
Makhani Chicken (Indian Butter Chicken)
Mama's Chili
Marinated Mushroom and Eggplant with Peanut Sauce
Martha's Magic Meat Rub Pork Roast
Massachusetts Straub Chili
McCormick's Texas Chili
Mean Old Chili
Meaty Barbeque Sandwiches
Meaty Thick Man Chili
Melanie's Chili
Mexican Rice
Mexican Bean Burgers
Mexican Bean Salad
Mexican Casserole
Mexican Chicken I
Mexican Chicken II
Mexican Rice
Mexican Rice I
Mexican Rice Pilaf
Mexican Spiced Turkey Tortilla Soup
Mexican Turkey Burgers with Pico de Gallo
Mexicana Shrimp and Vegetable Kabobs
Michelle's Roast Chicken
Microwave Snack Mix
Microwave Tacos
Mijo's Slow Cooker Shredded Beef
Mike's Homemade Pizza
Minced Beef with Black-Eyed Beans
Miner's Chili
Minnesota Golf Course Chili
Mock Chicken Fried Steak
Mom's Barbeque Style Turkey
Mom's Big Burgers
Mom's Chili
Mom's Shrimp Macaroni Salad
Mom's Texas Hash
Monica's He-Man Chili
Monkey Meat
Montreal Salsa Chicken
Mrs Espy's Enchilada Sauce
New York System Hot Wiener Sauce I
New York System Hot Wiener Sauce II
No Beans About It - Chili
No Tomato Chili
No-Fry Spicy Potato Skins
Not Your Every Day Smoked Pork Spare Ribs
Not Your Ordinary Chili
Oklahoma Tamale Casserole
Okra Fry
Oriental Hot 'n' Sour Soup
Oven Fried Sesame Potatoes
Pakistani Meatballs with Gravy (Koftay)
Pakistani Spicy Chickpeas
Papa John's Bar-B-Q Sauce
Parsnip Chips
Pastitsio III
Patsy's Best Barbeque Beef
Paul's Southern California BBQ Sauce
PDQ Hot Beef Sandwiches
Peri Peri African Chicken
Phyl's Salsa
Picante Chicken Rice Burritos
Pork Chalupas
Pork Tamale Pie
Portobello Mushroom Chili
Posole Soup
Potato and Bean Enchiladas
Potato Bread Rolls
Potatoes in Spicy Peanut and Sesame Paste
Pulled Pork Barbecue
Pumpkin Chili
Pumpkin Chili Mexicana
Pumpkin Turkey Chili
Pumpkin, Spinach and Barley Rolls
Queso Catfish
Queso Fundido
Quick and Easy Indian-Style Okra
Quick and Spicy Chili
Quick Brownbag Burritos
Quick Chili I
Quick Chili II
Quick Glazed Pork Loin
Quorn and Chickpea Curry
Rachel's Turkey Loaf
Rae's Vegetarian Chili
Ranchero Catfish
Real Texas Chili
Red Beans and Rice
Red Enchilada Sauce
Red Kidney Beans (Rajma)
Red Lentil Curry
Red Pepper Chicken
Red Pot Roast
Remoulade Sauce a la New Orleans
Restaurant-Style Cheesy Poblano Pepper Soup
Restaurant-Style Santa Fe Pasta
Restaurant-Style Taco Meat Seasoning
Restaurant-Style Tequila Lime Chicken
Rib Rub
Robin's Sweet and Spicy Black Beans
Rockin' Beef Rub
Russian Chili
Salsa Chicken Burrito Filling
Salsa Pasta Salad
San Antonio Salad
Santa Fe Apple Pumpkin Soup
Santa Fe Wild Rice Soup
Sassy Chicken Enchilada Dip
Savory Backyard Chicken
Seafood Stew
Shelly's Meat Curry
Shredded Beef Chimichangas
Shredded Beef Enchiladas
Shrimp Creole Bake
Shrimp Creole II
Shrimp Fried Noodles-Thai style
Simple Garlic and Basil Pesto
Simple Turkey Chili
Skillet Chili
Skyline Chili I
Skyline Chili II
Slow Cooker Barbecue Beef
Slow Cooker Chili
Slow Cooker Chili II
Slow Cooker Pork
Slow Cooker Vegetable Chili
Slow Cooker Venison Sloppy Joes
Slow-Cooker Barbecue-Beef Sandwiches
Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup
Smoked Pork Butt
Smokin' Scovilles Turkey Chili
South of The Border Chicken Soup
South-of-the-Border Pizza
Southern California Cioppino
Southern Ham and Brown Beans
Southern Living magazine's Venison Chili
Southern Made Cheese Ball
Southwest Baked Pasta and Cheese
Southwest Chicken Salad I
Southwest Chicken Soup
Southwest Garden Stew
Southwestern Bake
Southwestern Chicken Pitas with Chipotle Sauce
Southwestern Crabcakes
Southwestern Egg Rolls
Southwestern Eggs
Southwestern Grilled Chicken with Lime Butter
Southwestern Meat Loaf and Baked Potatoes
Southwestern Pasta Salad
Southwestern Style Fifteen Bean Soup
Southwestern Vegetarian Pasta
Southwestern-Flavored Ground Beef or Turkey for Tacos & Salad
Spanish Rice Original
Spanish Squash
Spiced Potatoes
Spicy and Tangy Hot Wings
Spicy Bagel Bites
Spicy Beefstick
Spicy Chicken Curry
Spicy Chicken Spaghetti II
Spicy Dry Fried Curry Chicken
Spicy Fish Soup
Spicy Fisherman's Pie
Spicy Oriental Stir-Fry
Spicy Pakistani Zucchini
Spicy Peach Chutney
Spicy Pork Tenderloin
Spicy Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs
Spicy Sausage Quiche
Spicy Shrimp in Cream Sauce
Spicy Summer Pasta Salad
Spicy Sun-Dried Tomato and Clam Spread
Spicy Swordfish
Spicy Tomato Chutney
Squash Stew
Steak Chili
Steak Sauce
Steve's Bodacious Barbecue Rib Sauce
Stove Top Tofu Chili
Stuffed Green Peppers
Summer Vegetarian Chili
Super Simple Oven Barbequed Chicken
Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce
Sweet and Tangy Slow Cooker Bar-B-Q Pork
Taco Dip II
Taco Lasagna
Taco Pizza
Taco Salad with Ranch Dressing
Taco Seasoning I
Taco Seasoning II
Taco Seasoning III
Tacos De Matamoros
Tacos in Pasta Shells
Tamale Pie II
Tandoori Cornish Hens
Tangy Grilled Pork Tenderloin
Tangy Pumpkin Soup with Green Chili Swirl
Taqueria Style Tacos - Carne Asada
Tasty BBQ Corn on the Cob
Ten Minute Chipotle Spiced Beef and Bean Chili
Ten Minute Enchilada Sauce
Tenders Taco Casserole
Tennessee Rubdown
Terri's Chicken Carcass Stew
Tex Mex Black Bean Dip
Tex Mex Dip
Tex Mex Party Mix
Tex-Mex Corn Chowder
Tex-Mex Pasta Bake
Texas BBQ Chicken
Texas Chili Beef Slices
Texas Cowboy Stew
Texas Enchilada Sauce
Texas Grilled Steak
Texas Hash
Texas Hash with Fish Fillets
Texas Hot Sauce
Texas Hotdog Sauce
Texas New Mexico Chili
Texas-Style Baked Beans
Thai Chicken Bites With Dipping Sauce
The Best Taco Dip