Recipes with port

Cooking Recipes Catalogue

A Farewell to Basil Fettuccine
Absolute Best Liver and Onions
Absolutely Fabulous Portobello Mushroom Tortellini
All-Purpose Butter Cookies
All-Purpose Marinara Sauce
Almond Macaroon Nests
Ancho Chile Fettuccini with Cilantro-Tomatillo Cream Sauce
Anne's Homemade Chorizo
Apple Crumble Tart
Apple Glazed Ham
Apple Pumpkin Desserts
Apple, Pear and Cranberry Cobbler
Apricot Stuffed Turkey Tenderloins with Creamy Mustard Sauce
Arancini III
Asian Barbecue Turkey Thighs
Asian Mushroom Soup
Asparagus Portobello Pasta
Australian English Trifle
Authentic German Bread (Bauernbrot)
Avocado and Mushroom Salad
Baby Back Ribs
Baked Ham with Orange & Ginger Glaze
Baked Ham With Spiced Sugar Rub
Baked Polenta with Ripe Olive Peperonata
Banana Cream Tart
Banana Slush Punch
Banana Split Cake I
Barbecue Ribs
Barbye's Cornbread Dressing
Basic Curry Sauce
BBQ Chicken Calzones
BBQ Teriyaki Pork Kabobs
Beef and Roasted Red Pepper Sandwiches
Beef and Vegetable Ragout
Beef Enchiladas II
Beef Fillets With Stilton-Portobello Sauce
Beef Jerky
Beef Tenderloin with Horseradish-and-Roasted Garlic Crust
Bella's Mac and Cheese
Berries and Cream
Berry Rhubarb Pie
Beth's Portobello Mushroom Burgers
Better Than Fruitcake Cookies
Bill's Smoked BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Black Forest Chocolate Mousse
Blackened Portobello-Mushroom Salad
Blue Cheese Crusted Filet Mignon with Port Wine Sauce
Blue Cheese, Port, and Walnut Spread
Blueberry Waffles with Fast Blueberry Sauce
Bob's Stuffed Banana Peppers
Bodega Bay Cioppino
Boiled Bagels
Bouja Soup
Brazilian Black Bean Soup
Bride's Cake
Brocco Nachos
Broiled & Slow-Roasted Butterflied Leg of Lamb With Cumin and Garlic
Brown Sugar and Port Cranberry Sauce
Brown Sugar, Mustard-Glazed Ham
Brunch Omelet Torte
Bruschetta with Roasted Sweet Red Peppers
Bumbleberry Pie II
Butter Rolls
Cajun Crawfish and Shrimp Etouffe
Cajun Spice Seasoning Mix in a Jar
Cally's Omelet
Canadian Bacon Breakfast Stack
Candied Fruit Biscotti
Caramel Apple Pie II
Caramel Chocolate Dip
Caramel Pie II
Caroline and Brian's Stuffed Mushrooms
Cheese Pennies
Cheese Soup with Broccoli
Cheesy Soft Pretzels
Cherry Glazed Sponge Cake
Cherry-Pistachio Bark
Chewy Oatmeal Cherry Toffee Crisps
Chex Barbecue Snack Mix
Chex Muddy Buddies
Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomato Bruschetta
Chicken Kiev
Chicken Marsala Florentine
Chicken Marsala with Portobello Mushrooms
Chicken With Portobello Mushrooms and Artichokes
Children's Gingerbread House
Chinese Pork Buns (Cha Siu Bao)
Chinese Pork Chops
Chinese-Style Steamed Fish
Chocolate Bar Filled Chocolate Cupcakes
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake
Chocolate Chip Pistachio Cookies
Chocolate Decadence
Chocolate Strawberry Shortcakes
Chocolate-Dipped Apricots
Choereg (Armenian Easter Bread)
Chunky Pizza Dip
Clams Casino II
Coconut Cake I
Coconut Macaroons from White Bread
Cooking Light magazine's Caesar Salad
Coq Au Vin, My Way
Cornish Pasties III
Country Manor Breakfast Tart
Couscous with Mushrooms and Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Crab Swiss Bites
Cranberry Sauce for Acorn Squash
Cream of Acorn Squash Soup
Creamy Soda Freeze
Crostoli Pastries
Cucumber and Watercress Sandwich Appetizers
Cucumber Sandwiches I
Cut-Out Cookies by Eagle Brand
Danish Christmas Red Cabbage
Date Nut Pinwheel Cookies II
Dora's Christmas Cookies
Dromskinks (Dream Ham)
Drunken Stuffed Figs
Dziriat (Algerian Almond Tarts)
Earth, Sea and Fire Salmon
Easter Simnel Cake
Easy Beef Strogonoff
Easy Chocolate Cream Torte
Easy Four Cheese Lasagna
Easy Ice Cream Cake
Easy Lentil Feta Wraps
Easy Mushroom-Goat Cheese Empanadas
Easy Picadillo Empanadas
Easy Tilapia with Wine and Tomatoes
Egg Drop Soup II
Egg Yolk Painted Christmas Cookies
Elegant Lemon Pork Chop Bake
Elegant Orzo with Wilted Spinach and Pine Nuts
Ellen Szaller's Mashed Potato Pancakes
Epicurean Deviled Eggs
Family Style Honey Glazed Ham
Farm Apple Pie
Favorite Pie Crust
Feta Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Fettuccine with Sausage-Marinara Sauce
Fettuccini al Fungi
Fettuccini with Mushroom, Ham and Rose Sauce
Fettuccini with Portobellas, Ham and Asparagus
Firehouse Clam Bake New England Style
Flaky Food Processor Pie Crust
Focaccia Deli Sandwich
Foglie Chef Doogie's D'Autunno with Chicken and Portobella Mushrooms
Fraser Shortbread
French Onion Burgers
French Vanilla Slices (Mille-feuilles)
Fresh Apple Tarts
Fresh as a Daisy Spring Salad
Fresh Berry Tart with Chambord Sauce
Fresh California Salsa
Fresh Pasta
Fried Beef Ribs
Fried Frog Legs with Creamy Onion-Mushroom Gravy
Fruit Rice Salad
Fudgy Bon Bons
Garlic Shrimp Linguine
Gator Smoothies
Gene's Long Island Iced Tea
Giant Stuffed Mushrooms
Ginger Glazed Chicken with Pineapple Salsa
Gingerbread Cutouts
Gingerbread Straws
Gnocchi I
Gnocchi II
Golden Knots
Gouda Balls
Gourmet Thai Chicken Pizza
Grandma Jackie's Valentine Cake
Grandma Sheets' Sugar Cookies
Grandma's Peach French Toast
Greek Easter Cookies from Smyrna
Greek Lamb-Feta Burgers With Cucumber Sauce
Greek-Style Shrimp Salad on a Bed of Baby Spinach
Green Salad with Mascarpone-Stuffed Kadota Figs and Walnuts
Green Tea Mint Cookies
Grilled Adobo Pork Tenderloin Salad With Plums and Almonds
Grilled Mediterranean Vegetable Sandwich
Grilled Portobello and Mozzarella
Grilled Portobello Mushrooms
Grilled Portobellos Sauteed in Wine
Grilled Steak with Olive-Blue Cheese Glaze
Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Apples
Grilled Tequila Portobello
Grilled Vegetables in Balsamic Tomato Sauce with CousCous
Herbed Cream Cheese With Scallions and Tuna
Holiday Leg of Lamb
Home Made Souse
Homemade Fresh Pumpkin Pie
Honey Glazed Ham With Dried Cranberry Relish
Hot and Sour Tofu Soup (Suan La Dofu Tang)
Hot and Spicy Chex Party Mix
Hot Dog Cookies
Hot Italian Sausage
Hungarian Kifli I
Impressed Myself Chicken
Indian Turkey Burgers With Lime, Cucumbers & Chutney
Innkeeper Pie
Italian Almond Biscuits
Italian Bread Bowls
Italian Herb Grilled Vegetable Sandwich
Italian Herb Infused Olive Oil
Italian Pizza Pie
Italian Portobello Sandwiches
Jalapeno Cheese Bread
Japanese Onion Soup
Jerk Chicken Pizza
Josh's Four-Way Chili
Kafta (BBQ)
Kale Soup
Karjalan Pies
Kat's Island Chicken
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats Candy Canes
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats Snow Capped Candy Canes
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats Snowballs
Key Lime Delight
Krautkrapfen (Bavarian Kraut Crullers)
Lamb Cobbler
Lamb for Lovers
Lasagne Verdi al Forno
Lava Lamps
Leek Potato Mushroom Cheddar Soup
Lefse I
Lemon Blueberry Pie
Lemongrass and Citrus Poached Salmon
Lentil Cakes (Patties)
Lesley's Valentine Brownies with Raspberry Couli
Lime Gelatin Salad
Linguine with Clam Sauce and Baby Portobello Mushrooms
Linguine with Portobello Mushrooms
Linzer Cookies
Liver Pate
Lobster Salad with Red Devil Dressing
Lollipop Cookie Valentines
London Broil
Macadamia Coconut Icebox Cookies
Magic Lemon Pie
Maple Cake
Maple Orange Glazed Ham
Marinated Portobello Mushrooms
Marzipan Candy
Marzipan II
McCormick's Beer Can Chicken
Meatball Bread Pudding
Mediterranean Salmon Cakes with Cucumber Sauce
Melted Witch
Mexcellent Cheeseburgers
Milky Way Cake
Millionaire Pie I
Mini Cheesecakes
Mini Meringues
Mint Juleps
Moist, Tender Spice Cake
Moist, Tender Spice Cake: Gingerbread Variation
Molasses-Grilled Pork Tenderloin
Moravian Spice Cookies
Moroccan Lamb Kabobs
Multigrain Pancake Mix for Gift Giving
Mushroom and Artichoke Soup
Mushroom Patacone Pita
Mushroom-Stuffed Chicken Breasts in a Balsamic Pan Sauce
My Big Fat Greek Omelet
My Fly Stir-Fry
Nana's Fastnachts
Naughty Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chip Cookies
Nicoise-Style Tuna Salad With White Beans & Olives
No Fail Pie Crust II
No Fail Pie Crust III
Nutritious and Delicious Pasta
Nutty Napoleons
Oatmeal Dinner Rolls
Old Fashioned Stack Cake
Onion Soup Gratinee
Orange Drink
Orange Pull Aparts
Orange-Honey Glazed Ham
Original Chex Party Mix
Parmesan Garlic Bread
Passover Soup with Chicken Dumplings
Pasta Shells with Portobello Mushrooms and Asparagus in Boursin Sauce
Pastini Soup
Peanut Butter Chip Cookies III
Peanut Butter Playdough
Peanut Salad
Pear Salad I
Pecan Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Broccoli
Penne with Yogurt-Tahini Sauce
Perfect Berry Shortcakes
Perfect Crab Cakes With Green Onions
Perfect Pie Crust II
Perfect Porterhouse Steak
Personal Portobello Pizza
Petits Fours Frosting
Pheasant Phungi Perfection
Philly Steak Salad
Pilgrim Pumpkin Pie
Pilsen-port Swiss Fondue
Pineapple Flip
Pizza Sauce and Dough
Pizza Stuffed Veggies
Plum Glazed Ham
Polish Egg Bread
Pollo al Ajillo (Chicken and Garlic)
Poppy Seed Cookies III
Pork in Olive Oil Marinade
Pork Medallions with Port and Dried Cranberry Sauce
Port And Mushroom Sauce Chicken
Port Wine Chocolate Cake
Portabella Mushroom Dressing
Portabella Nirvana
Portobello Club Sandwiches
Portobello Lemon Chicken
Portobello Mushroom Caps and Veggies
Portobello Mushroom Chili
Portobello Mushroom Lentil Soup
Portobello Mushroom Pasta
Portobello Mushroom Ravioli with Prawns
Portobello Mushroom Stroganoff
Portobello Mushroom, Fresh Peppers and Goat Cheese Pizza
Portobello Penne Pasta Casserole
Portobello Pizza
Portobello Port Sauce for Steak
Portobello Pot Pie
Portobello Stacks
Portobello, Wild Rice, and Gizzards
Portuguese Bean Soup II
Portuguese Bread French Toast
Portuguese Chourico and Peppers
Portuguese Fresh Tuna (Sauce and Marinade)
Portuguese Toast
Portuguese Walnut Squares
Pot Stickers Traditional
Pumpkin, Spinach and Barley Rolls
Quick and Easy Fish Tacos
Raisin Chutney Glazed Ham
Ravioli Dolci (Sweet Ravioli)
Red Lentil Curry
Red Slush Punch
Reese Cup Pie I
Refrigerator Nut Rolls
Renaissance Stuffed Mushrooms
Richard's Chicken Breasts
Risotto with Arugula and Toasted Garlic
Roast Goose with Port Gravy
Roasted Peanut Honey Glazed Ham With Cumin
Roasted Sherry Duck
Rosemary-Scented Pork Loin Stuffed With Roasted Garlic, Dried Apricots and Cranberries and Port Wine Pan Sauce
Rugelach III
Salmon Bisque for Two
Sauceless Garden Lasagna
Sausage Jalapeno Poppers
Sauteed Portobellos and Spinach
Sauteed Red Snapper with Ragout of Black Beans and a Lemon Cilantro Sauce
Savory Backyard Chicken
School Cafeteria Peanut Butter Cookies
Screw Pine Cake
Seafood Lasagna II
Seminole Pumpkin Bread
Sesame Oil Chicken Wings
Sesame Seared Salmon
Sesame Seed Cookies I
Shelby's Nutty Putty
Shortbread Wheels
Shrimp and Mushroom Angel Hair Pasta
Shrimp and Portobello Mushroom Fettuccine
Shrimp Scampi Cheesecake Appetizer
Shrimp Surprise Spread
Simple Chicken Parmesan
Sinfully Delicious Chocolate Pie
Skinny Piecrust
Slashed Sea Bass with Red Onions, Mushrooms, and New Potatoes
Slow Cooker Lasagna
Smoked Salmon Ravioli
Soft Polenta with Spicy Tomato Sauce
Soft Pretzels II
Sour Cream Torte
South-of-the-Border Pizza
Southern Boiled Custard
Southern Living magazine's King Cake
Southwestern Chicken Roulade
Southwestern-Flavored Ground Beef or Turkey for Tacos & Salad
Spaghetti with Fennel and Shrimp
Spanish Rice Bake
Spareribs and Kraut
Spice Rubbed Baby Back Ribs
Spiced Beef on Pita Triangles With Fresh Mango Salsa
Spiced Cranberry Glazed Ham
Spiced D'Anjou Pear Bread
Spinach and Chicken Salad
Spinach and Mushroom Frittata
Spinach and Mushroom Quesadillas
SPLENDA Sugar Cookies
Springerle II
Spumoni Squares
Stained Glass Candy II
Steak and Kidney Pie I
Steak Tips with Mushroom Sauce
Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins
Stuffed Crown Roast of Pork
Stuffed Kielbasa
Sugar Free Rugelach
Summer Nights Eggplants
Summer Penne Pasta
Summer Vegetarian Chili
Super Easy Seared Ahi Tuna
Super Spinach Pie
Surprise Burgers
Suz's Vegetable Manicotti
Swedish Meat Pies
Swedish Rye Bread I
Sweet Rice and Mango
Sweet Tart Pastry
Tamale Casserole
Tangy Apricot Glazed Ham
Tangy Dijon Glazed Ham
Tangy Sliced Pork Sandwiches
Tasty Breakfast Burritos
Tennessee Stack Cake
Teri's Dinner in a Pumpkin
Texas Stuffed Mushrooms
Thai Shrimp Burgers
The Contractor
The Right Choice Chocolate Chip Cookies
Tilapia and Mizithra Pasta
Toasted Oats Cookies
Tofu Burgers
Tomatillo Soup
Tomato Bredie
Torta Rustica
Traditional Pumpkin Pie
Truffle Cookies
Tuna Cheese Whirl Casserole
Two Hearts Together
Valentine Pizza
Vanilla Port Poached Figs with Honey Cream
Veal Chop with Portabello Mushrooms
Vegetable Cornish Pasties
Vegetarian Baked Pasta
Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup
Vietnamese Beef Pho
Virginia Whiskey Cake
Walnut Biscotti
Watermelon Cookie
Wedding Cake Icing
White Bean Soup
White Pizza with Porcinis
Whole Wheat French Toast with Peaches
Whole Wheat Fusilli and Champagne Shrimp and Lemon Rosemary Sauce
Wild Mushroom Sauce
Wisconsin Maple & Clover Honey Glazed Ham
Wrapped Salmon
Yorkshire Pudding