Cooking Recipes Catalogue

Apples are versatile tree fruits sold in many varieties for cooking or eating raw. Among the most popular are the slightly tart, red-skinned Rome; the slightly tart, green-skinned pippin and Granny Smith; the mildly tart, red-skinned Jonathan; and the sweet, yellow-skinned Golden Delicious. Controlled storage ensures a good supply of apples the year around. Choose firm, unblemished fruit; store in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark place.

To peel an apple:
Starting at the stem end, peel in a continuous spiral around the fruit with a vegetable peeler or paring knife. Or, cut the apple in half or quarters, then peel.To core an apple: Push an apple corer through the center of a whole apple, stem to bottom, then pull out the core. Or, cut around the core with a paring knife. For halves or quarters, cut away the core with a paring knife.To slice an apple: Put the cored halves or quarters evenly with a small knife.To chop or dice an apple: Peel, if desired, and core. Slice, then stack the slices. Cut the stack into long strips of the desired width. Holding the strips together, cut crosswise at the same width.