Bread crumbs

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Bread crumbs, fresh or dried, coarse or fine, are used to add body and texture to sweet and savory preparations. Dried bread crumbs, usually fine-textured, are sold prepackaged. Store covered, at room temperature.

To make fresh bread crumbs:
Choose a rustic-style loaf made of unbleached wheat flour, with a firm, coarse-textured crumb. Cut away the crusts and break the bread into chunks. Crumble by hand or in a food processor fitted with the metal blade until the desired consistency is reached.To make dried bread crumbs: Spread fresh bread crumbs on a baking pan. Place in an oven set at the lowest temperature until they feel very dry, 30-60 minutes. Do not let brown.For other breads, see baguette, challah, country-style bread, English muffins, French bread, Italian bread, lavash, multigrain bread, pita bread, sourdough bread, tortillas, white bread, and whole-wheat bread.