Green lentils

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Green lentils are a variety of the small, disk-shaped dried legume. The French Puy lentil, from the Auvergne town of Le Puy, is considered one of the finest. As with beans, pick over lentils carefully to remove impurities or shriveled lentils before cooking.

To sort and rinse dried lentils:
Spread the lentils in a single layer on a platter or tray. Pick out and discard any discolored and misshapen lentils and impurities such as small stones and fibers. Transfer the lentils to a colander or sieve. Rinse well under cold running water.For other bean varieties, see adzuki, borlotti, cannellini, cranberry, fava, flageolet, Great Northern, green, Italian green, kidney, lima, pinto, red, white (navy), and yellow wax beans and chickpeas and lentils.