Cooking Recipes Catalogue

Pork, meat from hogs, is first divided into large primal or wholesale cuts that are then cut into individual retail cuts. Some cuts may not be commonly available and can be purchased from a butcher.

The shoulder, a tough, meaty cut, yields bone-in and boneless shoulder roasts. The boned meat may be cut into cubes for grilled or broiled kebabs, or may be chopped for ground pork or sausage. The front blade, with its rich, tender meat, is cut into large blade roasts and bone-in blade chops. The center loin, which is even more tender, yields center-cut chops and baby back ribs. A section with rib bones is shaped and tied into a crown roast. The sirloin is a cut that yields the tenderest pork-tenderloin and fillets, which are grilled, broiled, or sautéed whole. It is also cut into thin scallops and loin chops. The rib bones from the front portion of the belly become pork spareribs. Short ribs are also cut from this section. The remainder of the belly yields bacon or salt pork.Bone-in or partially boned leg can be roasted. The top, or butt, portion, which is almost boneless, is roasted or braised.The feet, also known as trotters, are a rich source of gelatin for flavoring and thickening.For other pork cuts and products, see bacon, Canadian bacon, Chinese-stye barbecued pork, ham, lard, pancetta, prosciutto, salt pork, sausages, and serrano.