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Tangerines are small, juicy citrus fruits that are varieties of mandarin orange. Like other citrus fruits, they have flesh that separates into sections. Their flavors range from sweet to acidic. Depending upon the variety, tangerines can be found in markets from November through June.

To make tangerine zest strips:
Using a paring knife held almost parallel to the skin, cut off thin strips, being careful not to remove any bitter white pith. Or, use a vegetable peeler.To grate tangerine zest: Draw the tangerine across the fine holes of a handheld grater, being careful not to remove any bitter white pith.To shred tangerine zest: Draw a zester across the skin to remove the zest in thin shreds. Or, use a fine-holed shredder.For other citrus varieties, see blood oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, and oranges.