Blushing Snowballs

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You won't need any snow on the ground to make these dreamy pink snowballs for the kids.

INGREDIENTS (for 6 servings):


  • COMBINE Strawberry Flavor Nestle Nesquik powder and water in small bowl. Add coconut; stir until coated. Scoop ice cream into balls. Roll in coconut mixture. Freeze until firm.
  • TO SERVE, place snowballs in serving dish; top with Chocolate Flavor Nestle Nesquik syrup.

  • Little Kitchen Helper Hints:

    By placing one Blushing Snowball on top of another, your kids can create little pink snow people. A toasted marshmallow on top of a cookie wafer makes a cute hat!

    Rolling the ice cream in the coconut is a tailor made activity for little kids. Just be sure their hands are clean before they begin.