Cinnamon-Curry Tuna Salad Sandwich

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A very simple but delightfully wonderful and versatile tuna salad is used to make this Indian-inspired version of the classic tuna sandwich. The tuna salad is made with cinnamon and curry, and served layered with reduced-fat Swiss cheese, chutney, and Bib

INGREDIENTS (for 4 servings):


  • In a bowl, mix the tuna, mayonnaise, mustard, relish, lemon juice, cinnamon, curry powder, pepper, and salt.
  • Spread 1 table spoon chutney over 4 slices bread. Top each with tuna salad, Swiss cheese, and lettuce, and then cover with remaining slices bread.

  • Note:

    Cinnamon-Curry Tuna Salad, submitted by Dave Baker, is used to make this delicious sandwich.