Garlic Ginger Chops

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The longer you steep pork chops in this garlicky, gingery marinade the more delectable the results. Then you can bake the chops with a sesame and bread crumb crust or you can omit the coating and go straight to the grill.

INGREDIENTS (for 4 servings):


  • Place pork chops, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and black pepper into a large, resealable, plastic bag. Shake the bag gently to combine everything, and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. These are excellent done in the morning, and left to sit all day.
  • Heat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
  • In a shallow dish, combine bread crumbs and sesame seeds. Remove chops from marinade, making sure there are no ginger slices clinging to the meat, and lay them in the crumb mixture to coat. If you like, place pieces of garlic from the marinade on the chops. Place chops on a rack or baking sheet.
  • Bake for approximately 45 minutes, or until done