Mexican Turkey Stuffed Shells

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Who says stuffed pasta shells have to be topped with Italian-style tomato sauce? These shells are stuffed with a mixture of ground turkey, onions, cilantro, garlic, cumin and ricotta, and topped with enchilada sauce and Monterey Jack cheese.

INGREDIENTS (for 6 servings):


  • In large bowl combine turkey, onions, cilantro, garlic, oregano, cumin and salt. Blend in ricotta. Stuff each uncooked shell with 1 heaping tablespoon of turkey mixture.
  • In 2-quart oblong, glass baking dish, pour one can of enchilada sauce. Arrange shells in baking dish and dot any remaining turkey mixture over shells. Pour remaining can of enchilada sauce over shells and cover tightly with foil. Bake at 375 degrees F. 1 to 1-1/4 hours or until shells are tender. Sprinkle cheese over top. Re-cover and allow to stand 10 minutes.