Smoked Olive and Avocado Arepas

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Delicious Cuban corn meal cakes filled with mesquite smoked Lindsay® Spanish Olives, roasted red pepper, onions, and garlic. Topped with melted mozzarella cheese, avocado, and citrus cream with cilantro garnish.

INGREDIENTS (for 8 servings):


  • For the Filling: Caramelize garlic in olive oil. Add diced onions and roasted red peppers. Saute until tender. Smoke olives with hickory or mesquite wood chips and allow to cool. Slice olives and add to mixture along with salt, pepper and oregano. Set mixture aside and keep warm. Mince cilantro, reserving 1 oz. for garnish, and set aside. Dice avocado and mozzarella, and set both aside.
  • For the Sauce: In small bowl, mix cayenne, sour cream, lime juice, pinch of kosher salt and pinch of black pepper. Place in squirt bottle and keep cold.
  • For the Arepas: Mix warm water, kosher salt and pre-cooked white corn meal. Form into 2 ounce, flat, 1/4-inch thick cakes, and fry. Split arepas.
  • Assembly: Add avocados, mozzarella and cilantro to warm filling mixture, folding in. Spoon approximately 2 ounces of mixture onto bottom of arepas. Place under broiler until cheese has melted. Place 2 arepas on plate, tilting tops of arepas to side. Garnish with sauce, fresh cilantro and lime slice.