Cookies, Making Checkerboard

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So easy, yet so dramatic. And you donít really need to tell anyone how simple these checkerboard cookies are to make. If pressed for time, make and assemble the spliced logs, then chill until the next day when all you need to do is to slice and bake them.

Adding Chocolate
Divide the dough into 2 equal pieces. Knead the melted chocolate into 1 piece of dough until completely blended without any streaks remaining.

Cutting Dough
Be sure the dough is thoroughly chilled. Cut each chocolate and vanilla log into quarters with a knife that is very sharp and has a long, thin blade.

Reassembling Logs
Press together 1 chocolate piece and 1 vanilla piece to form a half moon. Set another chocolate piece on top of the vanilla. Insert a vanilla piece next to it. You should now have a whole log with alternating chocolate and vanilla quarters. Wrap tightly and chill.