Croissants, Making

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Few things in life are as delectable as flaky, buttery croissants, and they’re even better when you dress them up with special fillings. Because this dough is similar to puff pastry, it needs to be rolled out on a well-floured surface before shaping.

First Rolling
On the same generously floured surface used for kneading, roll the dough into a long rectangle. For the next step -- folding -- be sure the short sides are straight, with squared corners.

Folding Dough
Fold the dough like a letter: Lift one third of the dough at one short side and fold over gently. Lay the other short side down on top so the dough is now 3 stacked layers. Even sides and ends all the way around, top to bottom.

Cut out triangles of dough by dividing squares in half diagonally. Spread filling, if used, on triangle. Then roll up, starting from the long, 8-in/20-cm side toward the point. Roll tightly, but evenly, without compressing the dough. Curve each roll into a crescent.