Dinner Rolls, Making

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Derived from a popular Middle Eastern bread, this dough is easily shaped into dinner rolls that are also delicious eaten before dinner, spread with hummus, a Mid-East chick-pea appetizer. Black sesame seed is available at well-stocked specialty markets.

Shaping Cloverleaves
For one roll, use 3 equal portions of dough. Shape into a ball, pulling edges under to make the top smooth. Then set, touching, in a greased muffin cup.

Shaping Rosettes
Take one length of dough and tie in a loose knot. Leave an equal amount of dough on either side of the knot. Tuck top end under roll, and bottom end up and into the center of the knot.

Shaping Parker House Rolls
Lay the back of a knife or the handle of a wooden spoon on one 2 1/2-inch round of dough so that it rests slightly off center. Press to crease the dough, then fold so larger half is on top.