Nut Rolls, Making

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Try a crunchy combination of nuts in this brunch favorite, or make it with just one kind. To cut the dough into neat slices, use heavy-duty thread. A knife will compress the dough, causing misshapen spirals.

Preparing Pan Bottoms
Coat the bottoms of the baking pans with an even layer of the brown-sugar syrup. Combine the raisins and the coarsely chopped nuts and sprinkle over the syrup, distributing them evenly.

Rolling Up Bread
Starting on one long side of the dough rectangle, which has been sprinkled with an even layer of cinnamon-sugar mixture, roll up, jelly-roll style. Roll tightly and evenly for a more attractive result.

Cutting Rolls
Use a length of heavy-duty thread to cut the roll: Slip the thread under the roll and pull ends up. Crisscross on top of the roll and pull quickly to cut through the dough. To cut 12 pieces, divide the roll in half, then divide each half in thirds, then halve each piece again.