Steps for Making Tuna Rolls

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Thin sushi rolls are a simple, easy-to-eat style of sushi that is gaining in popularity as a light lunchtime food. They are made by wrapping sushi rice and ingredients in nori seaweed and shaping the rolls with a bamboo rolling mat. Usually only one type of filling is used, as the resulting roll is quite slender. With a little practice, thin sushi rolls are quite easy to make.

Keep some wasabi in a small dish alongside you so you can easily reach in with your fingers while you are holding other things. This applies to other small ingredients too, such as sesame seeds.

For making sushi rolls, a bamboo rolling mat is essential. If you try using a length of cloth or plastic wrap instead, the results are likely to be disappointing.

Sushi rolls should be eaten as soon as possible after they have been made. Nori soon absorbs moisture and becomes soggy, rather like paper.

The best-made sushi rolls have the filling in the center, with rice and nori in concentric circles around the filling.

Sushi rolls are always served with gari (pickled ginger slices) and individual bowls of soy sauce for dipping.

The type of garnish to serve will depend on the fillings that have been used and on personal taste. For example, white sesame seeds and shiso go particularly well with cucumber rolls.