Tatin, Making Peach

Cooking Recipes Catalogue

Hereís a peachy twist on the classic French apple pastry, tarte tatin. Cook peaches in the caramel sauce, then cover them with pastry and bake. Invert the pie to show off the glazed peaches. Offer with yogurt or sour cream, if desired.

Arranging the Peaches
After the sugar mixture has dissolved and browned slightly, cover with the peach quarters, arranged pitted side up. If necessary, lay the peaches on their sides, overlapping to fit in the skillet.

Trimming the Crust
Use a 10-inch plate or cake pan as a template. With a small, sharp knife, cut out a circle of dough. Lay the dough over the peaches, but donít let it touch the pan sides or it will stick when turned out.

Inverting the Pie
Cool the pie briefly. Place a serving plate larger in diameter than the pie over the skillet, then, holding the bottom of the skillet with a hot pad, invert the skillet and plate so that the pan is on top. Slowly lift off the skillet.