Timbales, Baking

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A timbale is a custard mixture baked in an individual mold called a timbale mold. If you do not have these specialized molds, you may substitute 6-ounce custard cups for this recipe. The timbales bake in a water bath, which insulates them so they cook evenly. The technique for peeling the peppers is the same as for roasted peppers.

Filling the molds
Lightly grease the molds and place a few pepper strips in each. With a ladle, distribute the custard mixture evenly among the 6 molds.

Adding Water
Cover the molds with foil and set them in a shallow baking pan. Place the pan on the middle rack of an oven. Pour boiling water into the pan so the molds are immersed in about 1 inch of hot water.