Wheat Ring, Making a

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A creamy mushroom filling is the delightful surprise inside this ring bread, making it substantial enough to take the place of a sandwich. Serve either warm or chilled as an appetizer, or with soup and salad for lunch.

Spreading Filling
With a metal spatula, spread the filling in an even layer across the surface of the dough. Leave a margin of dough all around so the filling won’t squeeze out as the dough is rolled.

Rolling Up
Beginning at one of the long sides, push the edge with your fingers to form a roll. Continue pushing gently until the dough is completely rolled, jelly-roll style. Pinch the seam to seal.

Making Ring
Transfer the roll to a greased baking sheet. Bring the ends around to form a circle. Slip one end about 1/2 inch inside the other. Pinch to seal.