Recipes with unsweetened chocolate

Cooking Recipes Catalogue

Alannah's Chocolate Galaxy
Almond Coconut Chocolate Cookie Balls
Almond Squares I
Alsatian Chocolate Balls
Applesauce Brownies II
Applesauce Walnut Bars
Aunt Joyce's Chocolate Cake
Aunt Mary's Chocolate Cake
Bavarian Mints
Beer Cake II
Best Ever Fudge
Better than Grandma's Brownies
Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse Brownies
Bittersweet Chocolate Pound Cake
Black Bottom Pie II
Black Bottom Pie IV
Black Forest Chocolate Cheesecake
Black Gold
Black Out Cake from the Fifties
Blue Ribbon Fruit Cookies
Boston Cream Pie II
Boston Cream Pie III
Brownies I
Brownies V
Cappuccino Caramels Royale
Caribbean Fudge Pie IV
Caroline's Chocolate Fudge Frosting
Chewy Chocolate Candies
Chili Rick's
Chocolate Applesauce Cake II
Chocolate Bread Pudding
Chocolate Butter-Creme Frosting
Chocolate Butterschnapps Cake
Chocolate Cake Doughnuts
Chocolate Caramel Nut Pie
Chocolate Caramel Raspberry Sauce
Chocolate Caramels
Chocolate Cherry Pie
Chocolate Chiffon Pie
Chocolate Chip Pie II
Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookie Frosting
Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies III
Chocolate Cream Cheese Flan
Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting
Chocolate Cream Frosting
Chocolate Cream Macaroon Tarts
Chocolate Cream Pie I
Chocolate Cream Pudding
Chocolate Crinkles I
Chocolate Crinkles III
Chocolate Crinkles IV
Chocolate Crisps
Chocolate Custard Bread Pudding
Chocolate Custard Cake
Chocolate Decadence Cake I
Chocolate Decadence Yule Log
Chocolate Doodles
Chocolate Dream Pie
Chocolate Drop Cookies I
Chocolate Espresso Cookies
Chocolate Frosted Marshmallow Cookies
Chocolate Fruit Bars II
Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies
Chocolate Intensity
Chocolate Lizzie Cake with Caramel Filling
Chocolate Macadamia Nut and White Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Malt Bars
Chocolate Mousse Cake IV
Chocolate Orange Marble Cake
Chocolate Pecan Pie IV
Chocolate Pecan Pie V
Chocolate Pecan Tassies
Chocolate Pinwheel Cake
Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies
Chocolate Pixies
Chocolate Poke Cake
Chocolate Pudding with Meringue
Chocolate Rapture Cake
Chocolate Refrigerator Cookies
Chocolate Sour Cream Cookies
Chocolate Sour Cream Fudge
Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake
Chocolate Sugar Cookies
Chocolate Thumbprints II
Chocolate Torte
Chocolate Torte Frosting
Chocolate Truffle Cookies
Chocolate Walnut Cake
Chocolate Web Cake
Chocolate Zucchini Bread I
Chocolate-Zucchini Cupcakes
Chocolate/Peanut Butter Drop Cookies
Coconut Brownies
Coconut Chocolate Cookies
Coconut Jays
Coconut Macaroons
Colonial Innkeeper's Pie
Condensed Milk Chocolate Frosting
Crackle Top Fudge Sauce
Creamy Chocolate Frosting II
Dalmatian Bars
Deep Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cake
Deep Dish Fudge Brownies
Devil's Food Cake I
Devil's Food Cake II
Donna's Chocolate Zucchini Bread
Double Chocolate Cake II
Double Chocolate Cookies
Double Chocolate Pear Sundaes
Double Chocolate Pie
Double Chocolate Walnut Brownies
Easy Chocolate Truffles
Eclairs I
Elizabeth's Extreme Chocolate Lover's Cake
Equal's Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake
Fabulous Fudge Chocolate Cake
Fabulous Fudge Ribbon Cake
Favorite Chocolate Cake
Fluffy Creamy Frosting
French Silk Chocolate Pie I
French Silk Frosting
Frosted Chocolate Cookies
Fudge Brownies I
Fudge Chunk Brownies
Fudge Crackles
Fudge Frosting
Fudge Layer Cake
Fudge Meltaways
Fudge Sauce
Fudgies I
Fudgies II
Fudgy Brownies II
Fudgy Chocolate Cream Pie
Fudgy Chocolate Drops
Gateau Africaine
George Washington Chocolate Cake
Gianduja Chocolate Cheesecake
Gooey Chocolate Icing
Grand Marnier Brownies
Halloween Layer Cake
Ho Ho Cake
Holly's Black Forest Cake
Homemade Yummy Fudge
Hot Fudge Frosting
Hot Fudge Sauce I
Huge Scary Spiders
Italian Cassata
Italian Chocolate Cookies
Italian Special Sweet Fried Ravioli Cookies
Jill's World-Famous Coffee Liqueur Brownies
Joanie's Pesach Brownies
Lesley's Valentine Brownies with Raspberry Couli
Linda's Awesome Brownies
Malted Milk Bars
Marshmallow Fudge Bars
Mary's Brownies
Mayonnaise Cake II
Meltaway Brownies
Mint Buttercream Frosting With Dark Chocolate Glaze
Mint Chocolate Cookies
Mississippi Mud Cake III
Mocha Magic Torte
Mocha Mudslide Brownies
Mocha Walnut Pie
Mountain Cookies I
Neapolitan Cookies II
No Bake Minty Chocolate Freeze
Old Fashioned Fudge Cake
Old Fashioned Fudge Cookies
Old-Fashioned Fudge
Old-Fashioned Sea Foam Candy
One Bowl Brownies
Our Favorite Chocolate Cake
Peanut Butter Chocolate Bombshell
Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake Cups
Piereth Pie I
Piereth Pie II
Pineapple Brownies
Pinwheel Cookies I
Port Wine Chocolate Cake
Portuguese Licoro
Potato Chocolate Cake
Praline Chocolate Cake
Pudding Icing
Quick Pour Chocolate Fondant
Rocky Road Cake
Rocky Road Candy
Rocky Road Fudge Bars
Seattle Macadamia Cookies
Sex In A Pan III
Sinful Flourless Espresso Cake
Sinfully Delicious Chocolate Pie
Sleepy Cake
Snappy Turtle Cookies
Snowy Pecan Cookies
Sour Cream Chocolate Cake
Special Chocolate Cake II
Spiced Soft Chocolate Cookies
Spicy Chocolate Cake
SPLENDA Chocolate Mousse
Sugar Free Chocolate Tea Cookies
Sunday School Fudge
Super Chicken Mole
Super Delicate Chocolate Buttercream
Swiss Chocolate Cake
Texas Sheet Cake III
The Ultimate Chocolate Bar
Tri-Level Brownies
Triple Fudge Cookies
Truffle Cookies
Turtle Cake II
Turtle Cookies I
Two-Tone Cheesecake Bars
Unsweetened Surprise
Waffle Iron Chocolate Cookies
Wellesley Fudge Cake I
Yogurt Chocolate Cake
Zebra Cookies