Recipes with chiles

Cooking Recipes Catalogue

Absolute Mexican Cornbread
All-Purpose Marinara Sauce
Ancho Chile Fettuccini with Cilantro-Tomatillo Cream Sauce
Artichoke Dip
Authentic Enchiladas Verdes
Avocado Delight
Aztec Casserole
Baja Beef Soft Tacos with Lindsay Olive-Chipotle Salsa
Baked Corn Casserole
Beans and Rice
Beef Tamales
Beef, Green Chili and Tomato Stew
Beefy Cabbage Stew
Black Bean Lasagna Rolls
Black Bean Pie
Black Bean, Barley and Turkey Chili
Black-Eyed Pea Gumbo
Broccolini with Chili Lime Dip
Brown Rice and Black Bean Casserole
Cabbage, Tomato and Onion Salad
Cajun Skillet Surprise
California Casserole
Cheesy Beef-and-Rice Casserole
Cheesy Mexi-Rice Casserole
Chicken Chile Spaghetti
Chicken Chili II
Chicken Chipulos
Chicken Enchilada Casserole I
Chicken Enchiladas II
Chicken Gravy Enchilada Casserole
Chicken Lollipops
Chicken Pasta Primavera
Chicken Sopa
Chicken Souiza Cornbread Bake
Chicken Stuffed Chiles
Chile Cheese Squares
Chile Colorado
Chile Colorado II
Chile Rellenos
Chile Rellenos Pie
Chiles Rellenos Pie
Chili-Rubbed Chicken with Chipotle Pineapple Salsa
Cooking Light magazine's Mexican Chicken Casserole
Corn Dip
Cowboy Mexican Dip
Cowboy Stew I
Cream Of Green Chile Soup
D's Famous Salsa
Daddy's Stew
Dilled Green Beans
Double Chili Cheese Dip
Easy Bake Brisket
Easy Eggplant Dish
Easy Enchilada Casserole
Easy Spicy Chicken and Rice
El Dorado Beef Casserole
Elk Chili
Enchiladas Suisas
Fiesta Enchiladas
French Market Soup in a Jar
Fresh Tomato Salsa
Fusion Chili
Garlic Chicken Burritos
Green Chile and Egg Grits
Green Chile and Rice Casserole
Green Chile Cheese Beer Bread
Green Chile Chicken Soup
Green Chile Stew
Green Chili Casserole
Green Chili Stew
Grilled Chicken Quesadillas
Grilled Tequila-Cilantro Pineapple
Gumbo Pot Pies
Hearty Party Pozole
Hopi Corn Stew
Hot Crab Dip II
King Ranch Chicken Casserole III
Lamb Shanks with Ancho Chile Honey Glaze
Laurie's Stuffed Peppers
Make Ahead Lunch Wraps
Mediterranean Fish Cakes
Mexi Hominy
Mexican Cheese Dip
Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder
Mexican Chicken II
Mexican Cornbread Salad
Mexican Egg Bake
Mexican Mac and Cheese
Mexican Pizza I
Mexican Soup
Mexican Spiced Turkey Tortilla Soup
Mock Caviar
Mom's Hot Mexican Salad
Monster Sour Cream Enchiladas
Nacho Dip II
Nacho Lasagna
Orange-Ginger Tofu Triangles
Pakistani Pot Roast Beef Fillets (Pasanday)
Pepper Corn
Pinto Beans With Kielbasa
Pork and Hominy Stew
Pork Tenderloin with Tomato and Pepper Sauce
Potato Enchilada
Pumpkin Chili Mexicana
Quick Chicken Enchiladas
Quick Chiles Rellenos Bake
Quick Chili II
Razors Carne Guizida
Real Homemade Tamales
Rice With Olives And Green Chile Peppers
Roasted Green Chile Stew
Rotisserie Chicken Chili With Hominy & Chiles
Salsa Corn Chowder
Salsa Pasta Salad
Sausage Egg Muffins
Slow Cooker Hoppin' John Chowder
Slow Cooker Pozole
Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup
Smothered Mexican Lasagna
Snapper Veracruz
Southern Style Beef Stew
Southwest Baked Pasta and Cheese
Southwest Chicken Casserole
Southwest Chicken Soup
Spicy Asian Cellophane Noodle Salad
Spicy Black and Red Bean Soup
Spicy Chicken Curry
Spicy Chicken in Tomato-Coconut Sauce
Spicy Chile Casserole
Spicy Corn Dip
Spicy Potato Soup I
Spicy South Of The Border Spinach Cheese Dip
Spicy Spanish Sausage Supper
Spicy Tortilla Roll-Ups
Stuffed Burgers
Suzy's Potato Skins
Swink's Chili
Taco Soup II
Tasty Breakfast Burritos
Terri's Chicken Carcass Stew
Tex Mex Shark and Shrimp
Texas Deer Chili
Texas Jambalaya
Texas New Potato Salad with Grilled Red Onions
Texas Taco Soup
Texas-Style Baked Beans
Texican Squash
Thai Salmon Salad
Thai Salmon Salad Sandwich
Thai-Style Chicken Wings
The Big Easy Spicy Shrimp Dish
Three Bean Slow Burn Chili
Tom Yum Koong Soup
Tomato Salsa
Tortellini Southwest
Tortilla Soup II
Turkey Posole
Vegan Mexican Stew
Venison-Bacon White Chili
White Bean Chicken Chili
White Chicken Enchilada Slow-Cooker Casserole
White Chili I
White Chili IV
White Turkey Chili
Yummy Quiche
Zesty Dip for Chips
Zesty Zucchini and Squash